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tick We Move

  • we can shift a small number of goods or a complete house or office lot from any location in Auckland to any North Island location
  • we can supply the number of men required for each job
  • we can come at short notice if required for any urgent jobs
Moving Specialists

tick We Pack

  • we will pack your goods carefully so they reach their final destination safely
Packing Specialists

tick We Clean

  • we offer a cleaning service that will save you the hassle of cleaning before or after your move.
  • we use a well respected national cleaning contractor at a very affordable price. Please contact us to ask about this service.

tick We Insure

Goods are covered while in transit if the vehicle is involved in an accident and the furniture is damaged. The cover is as follows:

  • items are covered under "carrier liability insurance" which is limited cover of $150,000 max per load with $1,500 per item max and $400 excess. This insurance is free of charge.
  • if items exceed $1,500 or you require a more comprehensive cover please contact your own insurance company.

NB: Items not covered by Insurance:

  • Electrical appliances if they fail to operate at your new address.
  • Cracked or damaged items, torn, scratched or dented items.
  • Items not packed by City Movers staff. 
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